Today’s conversation is all about manufacturing of batteries, challenges & its future.

Stene Charmer is a Principal Engineer – Battery Systems at WMG, University of Warwick with an expertise in high power lithium ion storage devices, solid state energy devices (polymer and ceramic) and novel (module level and pack level) thermal management.


Anna Stefanopoulou is a Professor Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan with expertise in modeling, control, and optimization of internal combustion engines, batteries, and fuel cells. Today’s conversation is all about batteries, the expansion, short circuit & thermal issues.


Rick Laine is a professor Material Science and Engineering at University of Michigan where he teaches Foundations of Nanotechnology and focusses his research on synthesis and processing of inorganic and organometallic hybrid polymers and nano-oxide powders.

I talk to him about his work on solid-state Lithium batteries, how we got to where we are and the future of battery technology for electric vehicles.


Professor Timothy Scott spent 35 years as undergraduate laboratory director in University of Virginia’s mechanical engineering department with focus on applied thermal/fluids, teaching and laboratory development. His career includes many years working and consulting in the industry with several dozen companies and is currently teaching at Sweet Briar College.