PowertrainLive for Car OEMs and Suppliers

PowertrainLive® is a cloud based vehicle simulation software that evaluates the vehicle-level impacts of technologies and components on battery range, fuel economy and system performance. PowertrainLive® has standard models of top-tier conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles which are correlated to dynamometer test data. In PowertrainLive, each vehicle subsystem is built on detailed physics and performance maps.

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GreenRoute for Fleets and Consumers

GreenRoute finds the low carbon route for all vehicles and extends EV range.

The driving directions we use today were created two decades ago considering speed of travel and not the energy consumption in the route. With proliferation of hybrid and electric vehicles, we need new methods for newer cars to take full advantage of the fuel saving technologies. GreenRoute leverages 20 years of advanced automotive vehicle math models along with driving directions to offer the driver a fast and energy efficient alternate route to the destination. GreenRoute is applicable to all types of vehicles, from conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles to commercial delivery vehicles.

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