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Sudhindra Uppuluri

  • 20 years experience in Automotive Powertrain & Efficiency
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, “Electrified Vehicle Level Modeling”, developed and teaching course.
  • Chair, SAE technical committee on Thermal Management
  • Board Member, Industry Advisory Board, Kettering University
  • Masters in Aerospace Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Research Publications and Presentations

  • “Impact of ADAS and autonomous features on motor performance and heat rejection”, Sudhi Uppuluri, Hemant Khalane, CSEG, Haiwei Cai, Ansys, SAE Thermal Management Symposium
  • “How Autonomous Driving Affects Heat Loads and Component Sizing in Electric Vehicles”, Sudhi Uppuluri, Gaurav Patil, Doug Kolak , Design News publication,
  • Uppuluri, S., CSEG, LLC, “Analysis Led Design and Industry Trends in 1D Powertrain Simulation”, 2013 SAE World Congress: Oral Only Talk
  • Scott, T., Chang, F., Khandaker, M., and Uppuluri, S., “Transient Thermal Modeling of Power Train Components,” SAE Int. J. Passeng. Cars – Mech. Syst. 5(2):962-973, 2012, doi:10.4271/2012-01-0956.
  • Uppuluri, S., Computational Sciences Experts Group; Sadek S. Rahman, Chrysler Group LLC, “Active Transient Thermal Management for improved Fuel economy”, 2012 SAE Thermal Management System Symposium
  • Uppuluri, S., M Naiknaware, A., and R Khalane, H., “Evaluation of Exhaust Heat Recovery System Effectiveness in Engine Friction Reduction and Fuel Economy Improvement,” SAE Technical Paper 2017-26-0030, 2017,
  • Uppuluri, S., R. Khalane, H., Umbarkar, Y., and Naiknaware, A., “Cold-Ambient Warm-Up Predictions: A Novel Approach Using 1D Computational Models,” SAE Technical Paper 2016-01-0198, 2016,