• Services

    CSEG is a group of industry professionals from automotive, aerospace and defense backgrounds, but with deep expertise in 1D system modeling. We provide expert and fast simulation services using various CAE tools enabling you to quickly simulate effects of various design changes and make decisions based on data. Read More about “Services”

  • Powertrain Live

    CSEG has developed a 1D Vehicle Level Model in Simulink, PowertrainLive, which predicts fuel economy and emissions for the vehicle under different driving conditions. CSEG has many standard vehicle models, data from which have been gathered from many public domain sources. These models are correlated to transient dynamometer test data (such as US06, UDDS, HWFET) give customers a turn-key solution to do vehicle level modeling. Read More about “Powertrain Live”

  • Market Research

    CSEG’s market research team provides in-depth market research on hard to research industrial markets. The market research is a perfect complement to system level modeling by researching technology maturity cycle, competitive landscape, customer perception, trade-offs and maintenance. This market research on technology combined with technical assessments at a vehicle level gives customers a complete assessments of technologies under review. Read More about “Market Research”

  • Custom Tools

    CSEG has also worked with companies who have a proven internal code but aging fast in terms of GUI, and programming language it was written in. CSEG works to upgrade the internal tools to state-of-the-art programming languages and GUI enabling the company to keep their proprietary computational correlations and capability and still protect from obsolescence and enjoy the ease-of-use.

  • What our customers are saying


    CSEG offers in-depth knowledge of customer processes as well as engineers who are highly capable in Flowmaster V7’s advanced modeling and programming capabilities. This enables both Mentor Graphics and CSEG to work closely together to solve customers’ software requirements.

    Morgan Jenkins, Product Line Manager, Mentor Graphics



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