Invent tomorrow’s technology with our digital mule vehicles

Computational Sciences Experts Group (CSEG) is an automotive software and engineering consulting company with deep expertise in automotive system modeling and architecture development.

We leverage our large library of production vehicle data and models (including top tier electric and hybrid vehicles) to provide you with fast and accurate simulation capability so you can focus on development of new technology and design tradeoffs. We offer advanced modeling and testing services in the domain of vehicle energy consumption, thermal management, batteries, and powertrain controls.

CSEG’s Customers

Thermal Management

CSEG’s thermal management engineering services include simulation and architecture development of the complete vehicle thermal management system including engine and battery cooling system, HVAC and heat pump system, cabin heating and cooling, system controls, and architecture development. Our approach typically includes developing a high-fidelity Thermal Management system simulation model which is capable of predicting transient system behavior for standard drive cycles and extreme cold ambient conditions. These system simulation models, when combined with correlated vehicle models, help with component selection, technology evaluation and controls development. Our simulation models are developed either in Matlab/Simulink, or commercial CAE software such as Flowmaster, GT-Suite or Amesim.

Vehicle Powertrain

Quantify the fuel economy impact, system performance and price target of new technologies before you spend millions building them.

Using our extensive vehicle simulation library, you can accurately calculate fuel economy impact and target price of a new technology in virtually every type of vehicle. Developing technology for a pick-up truck? We’ve got that. Developing for an EV? We’ve got a few of those too.

These high-fidelity forward-looking vehicle models are a “Digital Mule Vehicle” correlated to transient driving under extreme high and low ambient conditions, so you can confidently quantify the impact of your technology on the standard EPA 5-cycle average and real-world driving scenarios.

Cloud deployment of in-house tools

Lower CAE tool costs by deploying them on the cloud.

Imagine a browser-based interface to your current trusted CAE tools that will enable your global technical workforce to work remotely from anywhere with internet access. We are not talking about buying new software, but rather a new way to access your existing internal CAE tools.

CSEG is now offering our expertise of deploying CAE tools securely on the cloud to your IT department. This deployment gives you global and remote workforce access the full capacity of your CAE tools and perform their analysis without the need to be in the building and in front of powerful computational machines. CSEG best practices reduce the latency of tools by implementing a fully functional interface to CAE tools on the browser instead of the remote desktop approach.

An example of a cloud deployed analysis tool is PowertrainLive is a vehicle level fuel economy calculation tool used by major OEMs. Each secure instance is deployed via the cloud for browser based global team access whereas the analysis models are in Simulink, which have been compiled and deployed on the AWS server.
See a quick demo of the cloud-based tool Powertrainlive at

Cloud deployment of your tools will:

  • Lower CAE tool cost – Companies can reduce CAE tool cost with a cloud-deployment. Instead of multiple licenses of tool or Matlab/Simulink, you will need fewer licenses.
  • Bring your current tools the latest interface technology – Keep your current tools, proprietary models and trusted correlations with the accessibility, and UX that the current generation of engineers expect.
  • Increased collaboration – Technical team members can now share full model analysis and results immediately without having to attach large models and results in emails. The model can have varying degrees of access restrictions to enable sharing with senior management or even key suppliers with the key data hidden.
  • Enable remote working of technical staff, and still provide them with the access to the CAE tools they need to perform their jobs effectively.
    Increase analysis speed – Our work on cloud-deployment of the Matlab/Simulink based tools indicates a greater than 10X increase in speed of analysis due to a dedicated powerful cloud machine and conversion of models to executable codes.

Workforce Training/Curriculum Development

The rapidly changing automotive landscape means that many of the talented and capable engineers who are experts in current internal combustion engine technology are having to learn and become experts in batteries, material science and electrical systems. CSEG’s subject matter experts, in collaboration with faculty from leading universities in the US, are offering training for your existing workforce on essential skills required to keep up with the transforming automotive landscape. Courses include:

A) Fundamentals of Thermal Management (& 1D modeling) (4 day course)

B) Thermal Management for Electric vehicles (3 day course)

C) Introduction to Lithium-Ion Batteries (5 day course)

D) Powertrain modeling of Electric and Hybrid vehicles Simulink (3 day course)

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Market Research

CSEG ‘s market research is a perfect complement to the work done by our engineering and simulation team. Custom market research work provides details on the technology maturity cycle, BOM and costs, competitive landscape, customer perception, trade-offs and maintenance. Market research on technology combined with technical assessments at a vehicle level gives customers a complete assessment of technologies under review.

“PowertrainLive and CSEG's vehicle level modeling services have helped us understand how waste heat recovery systems provide vehicle-level benefits, as applied to thermoelectric generators in pick-up trucks, guiding our technical direction and enhancing the engagement with our OEM customers.”

Adam KotrbaGlobal Research Director, Tenneco

“CSEG offers in-depth knowledge of customer processes as well as engineers who are highly capable in Flowmaster V7's advanced modeling and programming capabilities. This enables both Mentor Graphics and CSEG to work closely together to solve customers' software requirements.”

Morgan JenkinsProduct Line Manager, Mentor Graphics

“As Dana was evaluating a new thermal management solution for improving fuel economy, CSEG, using PowertrainLive, helped to assess the vehicle level impact of the technology to shape the direction of the product design.”

Michael BardelebenHeat Transfer Analytical Development Manager, Dana Canada Corporation