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PowertrainLive is a high fidelity, predictive, vehicle simulation software as a service that evaluates the vehicle-level impacts of technologies and components on fuel economy and system performance. Examples of what can be simulated through PowertrainLive include: higher efficiency components, waste heat recovery, and new control algorithms. In PowertrainLive, each vehicle subsystem is built on detailed physics and performance maps.



PowertrainLive is fully populated with conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicles models allowing for immediate use


PowertrainLive’s vehicle models are correlated to transient dynamometer test data for FTP, HWFET and US06 drive cycles

Cloud Enabled

PowertrainLive is deployed on the cloud, allowing teams across the globe to collaborate in real time on models


CSEG’s engineers will develop targeted vehicle models for your company’s needs.


PowertrainLive’s flexible architecture allows for other CAE software to plug into the PowertrainLive’s solver, allowing for easy integration


PowertrainLive is housed on a dedicated AWS server, allowing for fast processing time, with drive cycle analysis taking only seconds.

Competitive Advantages PowertrainLive Can Give You Over Your Competition

Sales Advantage

You have already leveraged world class engineering resources in order to design and build an advanced component and control strategy. Now, you are quantifying the value proposition for a specific customer’s vehicle and trying to convince an OEM to test your component. Typically, what the marketing department puts together is a range of predictions for the fuel-economy and emissions impacts for a vehicle for a single set of driving conditions.

Unfortunately, without vehicle-level modeling, those ranges can only be estimated, and, in reality, the fuel economy and emissions impacts will vary depending on the drive cycle. Are these rough estimations good enough to get you a seat at the table? Vehicle level modeling can quantify the benefits of your product within a very tight range, allowing for real conversations and at seat at the table.

Design Cycle-Time Advantage

The critical part of the design cycle is testing a design and performing iterations that allow you to improve based on how the component behaves. With a robust vehicle level model, the design phase is both shorter and cheaper; simulations lead to rapid iterations of the design and less prototypes being built.

Benefits of leveraging vehicle level modeling in the design process include:

  • A better understanding of the impacts of different sub-systems with regards to fuel-economy and emissions
  • Ability to develop individual components in context of specific vehicles and drive cycles
  • Capacity to develop smart control strategies along with smart technologies

Why Partner with CSEG?

CSEG has created proprietary vehicle models with pre-populated data of specific vehicle types: Class 8 trucks, typical passenger pick-up trucks, SUVs, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles available on the market. CSEG’s pre-packaged models not only have all the necessary equations, but also the data in the model. These vehicle models have been correlated to transient dynamometer data for different drive cycles (typically FTP, HWFET and US06) providing confidence that the models are accurate and assessment can be relied upon.

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